We Create Unique Websites For Your Business

The primary face of your business is its web design. We have a team of creative and professional designers; they are here to play a crucial role in making your website unique and eye-catching.

A professional website built with a smart and effective strategy guaranteeing real, measurable results for your business

SATASME is a name which is often taken when thinking about creative, custom web design and development. With more than 1000+ satisfied clients we hold top position in the market as a website design company. With its 5+ years of experience and expertise has acquired a big market hold. We make your website hassle free and convenient for any business, any location! Our company is one of the well-known agencies among other web designing companies in delivering professional websites.

Trusted by five hundred businesses in Sri Lanka, Web Design City is highly capable of becoming your digital partner as well. From our extensive experience of more than a decade, we already have a slight hint of what you are looking for. A website with smart looks, mobile responsive, intelligent functionality and unrestricted reach and each of these aspects ultimately contributing towards your business brand value and success
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Website development in Sri Lanka with everlasting user experience with SATASME

Here at Budget Web, we provide quality services with reliable resources. Our web development and designing team work on every project dedicatedly.
With our skills and experience, we are developing several business websites. We also allow you to hire a web developer from different frameworks or full-stack developers.

How Do We Build Websites Layouts?

Firstly we plan a strategy concerning your business and product. While planning and building a prototype, we make sure to bring an awesome and well-maintained website layout.
Our main motive is to bring creativity and efficiency to your target audience to discover your product/services effortlessly. The amount of information we add on the websites layout is mainly conceptual.

Website Development Can Ease Your Work

Our website development brings several solutions for our client and their customers. For example, a single website of a school can monitor or update students regarding their grade. Rather than using newspaper or TV advertisements you can simply publish your newsletter through your official website.
Indeed, life got easier when online stores or websites were invented. Now everything is just a click away. Through a website you can earn, shop, learn, and travel the world in a glimpse.

Do We Make a Website Responsive?

Once your website is ready, it needs to check through QA testing to ensure an error-free website. We aim to build a responsive website that is efficient all the time and automatically adapts to other device’s screens.
So, while performing QA testing, we see whether your website responds according to the devices and their screens. After such QA testing, if there is an error or not. If we find one or your website is not optimized for mobile, we eliminate the flaw effectively and deliver you a responsive website.

Things We do After Making Your Website Live

When your website is launched, you still need to follow a few technical and strategic aspects. When a website is live, it is somewhere on Google data. Nobody will ever know about your brand on Google until your website is on top ranking.
To get your target audience’s attention, we link your website with a social media platform. Moreover, SEO (search engine optimization) is significant for your website. After adopting these above two strategies, all you need is to monitor the progress of your site.

Here’s a portfolio which has done with our hard work, crafted-skill and passion.

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